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Autoadapt Turny

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  • Simlifies transfers from a wheelchair
  • User can get comfortable before swivelling into the car
  • electronically lowers to a more comfortable transfer height 
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Full Product Details

The Turny System is a swivel motorised car seat lift, especially designed for cars with a little higher floor level - mini buses and vans.

Turny is available for both left and right side installation The Turny makes it remarkably easy to enter or exit a car and it is also beneficial as a standing-up aid. Turny's variable raising and lowering function is ideal for wheelchair users who can easily place the seat to the correct height to be able to transfer themselves sideways to or from their wheelchair.

The design and the variable height possibilities make this seat easy to use both for the user and the helper.

Turny can be used both in the front or back and on the near or off side. Depending on the user's needs and the car model.

It is advantageous to combine Turny with a Carony transport wheelchair If more head or leg space is required we recommend a special low built seat (The BEV-Seat). Other practical accessories make it easy to equip the seat according to your special requests or requirements. The lower seat is available as an option.

The cars original seatbelts are used. 

Modifications to the car are minimal and the car can easily be returned to its original condition, when the time comes to change vehicles

Installation must be done by trained technicians who are responsible for the functionality and safety both inside and outside the car.

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