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Wheelchair Loading Roofboxes

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  • Fits any vehicle with roofbars
  • Loads a wheelchair in 30 seconds
  • Can be painted to match your car
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Baun Chairtopper Roofbox

Stow or retrieve your wheelchair in about 30 seconds from a car-top compartment.

A car rooftop stowage unit could be a solution if you transport a manual folding wheelchair, and need to use your boot to store other items. They can usually be installed on either the passenger or driver side.

The rooftop stowage unit allows you to store a folded wheelchair, in a box, on the roof of your car. An electric hoist lifts the folded wheelchair from the ground and then manoeurvres it into the rooftop box.

Consider the places where you normally park your car as rooftop stowage systems may mean that you are no longer able to park in underground car parks where there are height restrictions.

Things to consider: The weather-tight compartment weighs 55 kg and can be mounted on most vehicle models. The total weight, including wheelchair, does not exceed 75 kg so vehicles must have a minimum of 75KG roof load capacity to use a Braun Chairtopper. The roof box adds 54 cm total height (plus roofbars) to the vehicle so cannot be used in most garages and multi storey car parks.

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