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Upfront Seating Options

When considering how to access your car as a wheelchair user, a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle is not the only option and  there are a number of adaptations that can be installed on a standard car. 

A permanent swivel seat turns and in some cases moves in and out of the car, then lowers or tips, to make getting in and out of the seat easier. Manual and powered versions are available. 

Wheelchair swivel seats are also available. They are made up of two parts and allow your wheelchair base to connect to a specially designed car seat. Wheelchair swivel seats cannot be operated independently, as you will need someone to help put the wheelchair base into position and store it once you are in the car.

Swivel seats can only be fitted in some cars. Please call us on 0191 4140240 (Blaydon) or 01642 634220 (Stockton) for a demonstration and more infomation about the suitability of vehicles