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Hand Controls

Driving adaptations can make a huge difference to your motoring experience. They may enable a person to drive where it would otherwise not be possible, and can help with speed control, steering and signalling. They vary from simple attachments, to replacing all existing controls with a system individually designed for you.

In most cases the original controls can still be used with the adaptations in place, so nominated drivers can still use the car. However, it’s important to bear in mind that most driving controls require an automatic gearbox. When using a steering ball, an indicator Switch can be fitted in to the top of the handle for simple operation during acceleration, braking, cornering and roundabouts.

We supply and fit hand controls from a range of manufacturers such as Jeff Gosling, Guidosimplex, Techmobility, Cowal Mobility, Bekker, Brig Ayd & Autoadapt. 

We have a selection of different driving adatations fitted to dual controlled cars, please call us on 0191 414 0240 (Blaydon) or 01642 634 220 (Stockton) to arrange a test drive.