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Save Money and go GREEN with Autogas

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LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), also known as Autogas is the most wide-spread 

"alternative" fuel for vehicles in the UK - and for good reason: autogas is a greener, cleaner and cheaper fuel for vehicles.

On average, buying Autogas at the pump will see immediate savings in your pocket with the average price per litre around half that of petrol or diesel. On driving you will save around 40 per cent in fuel costs on average – this is just to take into account your mpg (miles per gallon) – but overall, you will be quids in just by switching your car to run on Autogas.

And don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten to take into consideration the cost for converting your car. You could start to reap the rewards and see a return on your investment within the first year, depending on your mileage. 

It’s better for the environment 

As one of the cleanest fuels available, Autogas even has a low environmental impact in production due to Autogas being a by-product of natural gas extraction and crude oil refining.

  1. CO2 emissions of Autogas are up to 10 per cent lower than petrol
  2. NOx emissions (one of the main contributors to smog) from Autogas are up to 80 per cent lower than diesel
  3. There are up to 98 per cent fewer harmful particulates in the emissions from Autogas than in other fuels

Quite impressive figures – all of which have been found during testing in 2014 (Atlantic Consulting Report)

It’s easy to run

Converting your car to run on Autogas is easy and living with it is too. Your car will still have its petrol tank as well as the Autogas tank, and you can switch seamlessly between the two – that means you always have your petrol tank as a reserve if you ever need it.

Trusted by taxi drivers

Phoenix Taxi have ran over 250 cars on Autogas over 17 years, currently run over 80 vehicles and are making huge savings each year. Click here to read an editorial on why they use Autogas

 Click here to go to the Autogas Limited website


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