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Left Foot Accelerators

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  • Various options to suit any automatic vehicles
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Through our experience in fitting a wide range of pedal controls, we are able to advise on the most suitable choice of left foot accelerator for your needs. For first time users of left foot accelerators, we would recommend a familiarisation session in one of our converted vehicles.

Cost: Standard Pedal Controls are free of charge when ordered at the same time as your new Motability Lease Car. If you require a Crossover Throttle fitted to your vehicle, there may be an additional charge which is payable to the garage when collecting your new car.

Floor Mounted Left Foot Accelerators

The floor mounted left foot accelerator can be fitted to all makes and models of automatic vehicles. The system incorporates a quick release mechanism to allow the left foot accelerator and right foot guard to be removed. This means a driver can operate the throttle with the right or the left foot. The adaptation may not be suitable for tall drivers in some saloon cars, although should be fine in most tall vehicles with a van-type raised seating position. This adaptation is a universal fit and can be transfered easily to a new vehicle. This can be fitted as an alternative to the Twin Flip Left Foot Accelerator where it is not suitable. Examples are BMW's and the VW Golf which use an organ pedal system.


Twin Flip Up Left Foot Accelerators

The twin flip up left foot accelerator is a pedal either side of the footbrake (left & right side).  When the left side pedal is in use the right side is flipped up out of the way and vice versa for standard use.

A Premier Twin Flip is also available for vehicles with an organ style pedal such as BMW's, VW's and Mercedes.

Crossover Throttle/Accelerator

Certain vehicles are now being produced with an organ throttle pedal and a fly by wire mechanism. As a conventional Pedal Transfer is hard to fit to this configuration, we overcome this by installing an electronic solution.On the left of the brake pedal, we fit the exact same throttle pedal for the vehicle. The pedals are linked via a control box allowing the driver to activate or deactivate the left pedal (only one pedal can be active at any one time). The user has a button to activate the left throttle pedal. The default when the car is first started will be the right throttle pedal.

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