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Autoadapt Carony

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  • Carony: available in 12" or 24"
  • Carony Go
  • Carony Kids
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With CARONY you can move in and out of the vehicle without actually needing to rise from the seat. It’s the seat itself that moves from the wheelchair wheel unit to the swivel base inside the car. It’s easy and comfortable for both the passenger and the person assisting. The low built seat is crash tested and fulfi ls current vehicle regulations and the passenger travelssafely strapped by the vehicle seatbelt.

CARONY is available with two differentwheel alternatives: 12” rear wheels, which is a transport wheelchair for thoseunable to drive themselves and with 24” drive wheels, for those who can.

The CARONY system, 12” and 24”, consists of a wheel-unit, a comfortable seat, which is used both inside and outside the vehicle and the swivel base TURNOUT fitted to the car.

By means of a couple of simple manual operations, you move the seat and passenger from the wheelchair frame to the front passenger position in the car. The compact wheel unit is stored in the boot when not in use. For vehicles with a higher step up, such as MPV vehicles etc., CARONY can be combined with the car seat lift TURNY.

Smooth and easy to use, even at home!

Apart from being a transport wheelchair, the CARONY 24” is also a comfort wheelchair, smooth and easy to use in the home, outside and in the car. It has all the advantages of the CARONY system including practical accessories for various needs and functions.

The total width of the chair is 67 cm (26½”) and therefore passes easily through door openings in the home. The ergonomic design of the CARONY gives a good sitting position - as good as an armchair.

It is possible to have the drive wheels in three alternative positions to adapt the chair to the needs, balance and driving ability of each individual user.

The chair that grows with your child!

CARONY Kids does away with having to lift the child and simplifi es transport to and from the car. CARONY Kids adapts to your child as the length of the seat cushion can be adjusted to follow to the growth of the child. The cushion and backrest can be washed and changed, if you wish.

When the child has grown out of the chair, it can be converted to adult size with the help of a kit from Autoadapt.

CARONY Kids is available in three alternatives:

  • with12” rear wheels, a transport wheelchair.
  • with 24” driving wheels for children who can drive the chair by themselves.
  • as a CARONY Fixed wheel unit, which is of a standard fi xed height.

CARONY Kids consists of a wheel unit, a comfortable seat with an adjustable neck cushion and body support, as well as a foot rack, facilitating turning in and out of a car. The chair is combined with either the swivel base TURNOUT or the car seat lift TURNY.

A power wheelchair that finally enables you to travel in a standard small car!

CARONY GO will take you from your home right into your car. A Turnout swivel base needs to be installed in the car, onto which the power wheelchair seat slides from its wheel unit. CARONY GO can also be combined with a Turny car seat lift for use in MPVs with higher fl oors. The wheelchair is easy and practical both in the home and outside on uneven surfaces. It has been tested and approved by the Swedish Handicap Institute and fulfi ls modern power wheelchair requirements.

You sit safely strapped in by the seat belt, in a collision-tested chair base

People in power wheelchairs usually have to travel by minibus without being securely strapped in. But now you can sit as safely and comfortably as other passengers.

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